Warranty of the products will become null and void due to the following reasons mentioned below:

  1. If the device is physically damaged due to any reasons after sales.
  2. If the device is burned due to over voltage issue.
  3. If the replacement of the device gets rejected from OEM side.

(In this case, the customer can approach the OEM directly for replacement approval. Once approved by the OEM, then we can give replacement warranty.)

  1. If the device reset switch is damaged, there is no warranty for the same but repairing charges will be applicable.
  2. POE connectors & adapters doesn’t come under warranty. This will be replaced on chargeable basis.
  3. If seen that the product apparently looks okay visually but voltage drop confirms that it’s actually burnt, hence, in this case also warranty will be void


  1. In order to avail proper warranty service, customer has to provide the invoice copy, without invoice copy warranty will not be given.
  2. The replacement of the device will be as per the OEM’s approval



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